Individual Tuition – Who is it for?


One-to-one/individual: Q) Who’s it for? A) Everyone!
Over the last twenty or so years I’ve spent as a professional player and teacher, I don’t think I’ve met a brass player who doesn’t have at least one or two frustrations or ambitions with their playing, wether it be to increase their range, flexibility or tonguing ability, to ne able to play for longer periods, or simply address one or two aspects of playing to enable free-er, more natural music-making. It is these shared aspirations, and frustrations which make the brass-playing community so special.

Regardless of level, we can all relate to these things.

We want playing music to be the most enjoyable experience possible and also realise that confronting some of these issues can be a very personal thing and the idea here is to help people to feel more comfortable with what they can do, building confidence. It works on all levels. So we start with what you can already do, and add to that. Even if we can make just the smallest difference, our job is done.