Adam Woolf – trombone

Described after a recent performance as a ‘musical chameleon’, Adam Woolf is a diverse musician with an international performing career playing many types of trombones in a repertoire spanning 600 years.

Of all his activities, his specialism in the baroque trombone and its repertoire has gained him the most recognition. He is professor of baroque trombone at London’s Royal Academy of Music and the Utrecht Conservatory and in both institutions also teaches chamber music and specialist techniques. Adam is in demand for masterclasses and workshops at conservatories around the world, including New York’s Juilliard School of Music and Conservatories in Zurich and Geneva and he also directs several workshops each year, working with players and singers on all levels.

Adam’s solo CD ‘Songs Without Words’ was released in 2010, through which he has been credited for pioneering the baroque trombone as a solo instrument. His tutor book for the instrument, ‘Sackbut Solutions’ has helped many players across the globe to become acquainted with the instrument.

Since 2000, Adam has been principal trombone with Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s English Baroque Soloists and Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique and as a keen chamber-musician he is also a member of the Caecilia-Concert and His Majesty’s Sagbutts & Cornetts, alongside Osiris.

Always keen to cover new ground and uncover new possibilities, Adam toured for two years with Belgian Jazz group Aka Moon, mixing old and new styles of improvisation, and since 2015 has his own project Let The Music Speak blending a myriad of musical styles.

Adam’s playing, arranging and composing can be heard on over 100 CDs.